Full Kitchen Rehab in 1950’s Central Arlington Home

Full Kitchen Rehab in 1950's Home
Speaker 1:
Hey, so we’re going to give you an update on the kitchen situation. So kitchens for me, as a mom and as the primary cook in the house, they’re a big deal. And when we go into a house, the first thing I think is, “How would I work in this space? How can I make this functional for the next family that’s going to live here? Is there anything that I can change to make the kitchen more useful, more efficient? Is there anything that we need to get rid of that is outdated?” All of these questions come up when I’m looking at a kitchen. In this particular case, I’m excited because we’ve got a blank slate. There’s so much that we can do. And it is a small space, it’s a tiny kitchen, but yet the way that the house is laid out really gives us opportunity to change things and make this as functional as possible.

We’re looking at redoing countertops, adding cabinets. The age of this home, this particular home does not have a dishwasher, so we need to add dishwasher connections and make sure we got the plumbing and the wiring for that, add vents for the stove and just open up the space. I love the fact that it has huge windows, so it lets in a lot of light, but we’re limited in the sense of working space. So that is my challenge for this remodel, is to make this kitchen useful and practical for the next family who’s going to be in here making meals for their family. What are your thoughts? Let me know what you think works for a practical kitchen.
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